Why choose our 220v/110v LED Rope lights

LED Quality Difference

Sunro outdoor LED Rope lights unitilize good quality led, gold wire package; high brightness, low light decay, color consitency, long working life;

FPC Quality Difference

Sunro 220v LED Rope lights unitilize thicker FPC thick cooper materials; good for heat dissipation, and last strip working life;

2 1 led rope lights

PVC Quality Difference

We focus on Friendly enviromental PVC Materials, not recycle PVC. materials. our Rope lights are Fireproof, UV Resistance;

4 1 led rope lights

Conductive wire Difference

Sunro 220v / 110v LED rope lights use quality pure cooper wires or alloy wires. but for cheap 220v led strip, it use cooper clab aluminum wires;

5 1 led rope lights

Procedure Difference

During production, we strictly control quality and do more jobs on productions to avoid short circut problems

1 led rope lights

Driver Difference

Driver quality is very important for 220v led rope lights outdoor. 220v is high dangerous voltages. It have more currents to shock the strip while the strip directly connect to high voltage. In order to protect strip well, we unique customize the good quality driver different from other factories!

3 1 led rope lights

Other detail Difference

Sunroleds much focus on high quality led rope lights. so we do better and perfect on some details procedures of strips

led rope lights