As the led competition, The different quality of led strips are flooded in the LED Market. The high quality of led  light strips is relatively more expensive than the economy ones’. If you judge the quality of strips from the professional technology, I am afraid that not all of customers are in a position to do that. However, we could identify the quality from the following points.

 1. Solder Joint

 Professional LED light Strip Manufacturer produce the strips with SMT Technology and Reflowing soldering machines. Therefore,  the LED solder joints look smooth and nice.

 2. FPC quality

 FPC have two quality versions. one is Copper FPC and another one is Rolled  Copper FPC. The Rolled Copper FPC are more expensive and the quality is better than the copper FPC. It is conneced to FPC as a single entity and it can be bent and the solder joints still look good; Netherless, the copper foil of the sub cooper FPC is protuber. it could be seen from the connection between FPC and the tin plate. moreover, the Sub copper FPC are bent over  much, it will cause the tin pad off.

 3. Surface cleanliness

 Generally speaking, The flexible strip tapes are made by SMT , the furface of strip look very good and you don’t see any impurities and stains. However, if the strips are welding by hand, the strips will have the the mark of stains.

 4. Package

 Normally each 5 meters led strip light is a roll and packed in a anti-santic bag. However, in order to save the cost, many facotries recycle the volume reel  and the strips are not packed in a anti-santic bag. you could see from the volume reel the trace of staines.

 5. Label

 Regular Flexible led stripwill have a printed label on the bags and rell disk instead of printing label.