It is well know that LED is the cord of led lighting. its quality place much important to led lighting lifespan.

Then we introduce 5 ways to judge the LED Quality

1. LED Brightness

Under  same 350mA current and DC3.0-3.5V situation, Higher brightness it has, better quality it is

2. LED Chip brand and Size


Most famous brand it use, better quality it has;

Bigger chip it is,  better it get

3. LED Light Decay

LED Package glue material has epoxy resin and silicone glue.

For same Epistar 14mil White chip, using epoxy resin glue package, under 30 degree working enviroment, After 1000 hours, the brightness will lose 70%, On the contrary, if using Top quality silicone glue, under same working enviroment, the light decay is only -6%.

As Epoxy resin heat conduction is worse, so it could not help led dissipate heat. then it influence the led working life;

The LED lose brightness slower and even more none, the quality will best

4. LED Bin

If the color temperature and Voltage bin are devided accuratly, then the quality and color consistency will get better.

5. Pratical Application

Working Tempearture get lower, the led working life will get longer.

For Example,  One LED working enviroment is 30 degree,then the LED braket will not more than 45 degree. the LED working life is very ideal.

However, if the 100 LEDS are working same time, their pitch is 11.4mm. in this case, the heat among all the leds will be more than 60 degree. the light decay will be fast;  if their pitch is above 25mm, their heat could not be assembled and focus. each LED  bracket temperature should be still under 50 degree, and it is good for led working.

If the LED working temperature is very lower, 15 degree or lower, then the led working life is longer than same quality. or while the led strips are working, there are a fan to blow it to dissipate the heat, It will be more helpful for led quality and working life.

In a word, LED could not bear too much heat,  higher temperature it has, shorter working life it has.

So while factory design the led lighting , strips and modules, they will increase some helpful material to dissipate heat, such as Aluminum PCB,  Thick wires,  Double sided cooper FPC.. etc