In traditional waterproof led strips, we notice the Epoxy resin led strip / silicone tube strip will has followings problems, such as color temperature drift, heavy weight, heat dissipation problem, NO UV resistance..etc. however, the Nanometer structure waterproof technology has same waterproof rated IP65 and it almost solve the above problem. the technology could be used for any types of flexible led strips

it has 7 big advantages when you are using it for your project

  1. Better heat dissipation, Longer working life

The Nanometer structure waterproof led strip has only 0.1-0.3mm thick waterproof layer and get easier heat dissipation and has longer working life.

Comparing with Nanometer waterproof led strip, the silicone coating led strips are made with thicker silicone / epoxy resin material. the heat is hard to get out of the strips.

2.  Reducing Color tempreature drift largely.

For tradition silicone coating Waterproof led strip, as its silicone layer is thicker, in some degree, it will make the color temperature drift largely, it is hard to control. and it lose the orignal color tempreature.  the silicone material will changes a little color tempreature.

However, as a result of thin silicone layer, the Nanometer waterproof led strip will has little color tempreature changes after waterproof procedure。

3.  Keep original high lumen

Meanwhile, Nanometer waterproof led strip keep high lumen. on the contrary, for the silicone coating led strips, the silicone material will reduce its brightness because of thick silicone material.

4.  UV Resistance, mositure-proof 

The Nanometer structure waterproof led strip adopt silicone material. it features uv resistance, mositure proof . it can work under -20℃ – +50℃, humidity 90℃ enviroment and the led will not get yellow.

5.  Good waterproof charateries

even though the Nanometer led strip is only with 0.1-0.3mm thick silicone layer, but it feature good waterproof rated – IP65.

6.  Reducing the cost

the Nanometer structure waterproof led strip is cheaper and better than the traditional one

7. Saving your shipping cost

The strip is much lighter than the traditional silicone coating /epoxy resin led strip. it can reduce your shipping cost largely.