Many customers often received the strips and after a while, the strips lights will not be bright.

Now we are explaining 8  main reasons on that.

1. LED Flex strips’ packaging protection is imperfect, resulting in led damaged during transportation;

2. It may be the cold solder joint problem of theLED Strip lights . As the vibration caused by the transportation, the welding is not more stable and make the strips not bright;

3.During production, theLED strip tapes has less solder and it is easy to fall off;

4. As a result of the poor solder, The solder joints has the phenomenon of the brittle fracture and shedding while the strips are bending;

5.The Bending angle of flexible led strip is too large, resulting in the separation of solder joint and the copper foil of PCB and the strips are not bright;

6.The LED of flexible strips are damaged or solder join deformed when the LED Strips are installation and excessively squeezed ;

7. The Solder layer of the strip is too thick, the Welding and PCB could not be completely together. it is also a phenomenon of cold welding joint;

8, TheLED flexible strip light can not be distorted during distortation, which will cause the solder off and the strips are not bright.

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