As it is easy for everyone to enter into led industy, the production stanard is not consitstence with the testing machines and technology shortage. so it lead to the mess market which is flooded with different quality. meanwhile, as the led market competition is very sever, the price is up and downs, the apperence, structure and fuctions almost is same, but the price has more than double difference, enable many customer are very confused.

Here we are sharing our knowledge to introduce what decisde led lighting price

1. Wavelenght

Wavelength is the physical one who determine the emission color. the wavelength is Same, the led lighting colors will be consistency, that is so-called pure good. LED Lighting Fixture consist many light emitting tubes, if choosing same wavelength, the lighting cost will increase. However, most users do not understand that  the color purity indicator fall, of course, the cost of production is also down, it can be sold at lower prices.

In addition, such high requirements of consistent color, it needs the separation device for led, and it will increase the cost of production.

2. LED Chip

The LED luminous body is the chip. different chips, prices vary widely. It is common in Japan, the United States,Korean and Taiwan chip as well as China local manufacturers LED chip on the market today. As the Chips from Japan, United States is more expensive, prices higher than Taiwan and the mainland LED chip, and thus the led lighting price is very high. As to how to determine what kind of LED chip is used, only the manufacturer truthfully inform or observe or detect luminescence tube.

3. Brightness

Different LED lighting brightness cause different prices. But the LED chip quality and led power still determine the led lighting brightness. in terms of cost, high luminous efficiency is 100Lm/Watt, if the power is greater than 3W, then its price is significantly higher than other performance specifications.

4. Chip Size

The size of the chip is in the form of the side length. Big chip is better than small chip. Big chip means the large die substrate, good heat dissipation, and the affordable power, which can provide a large flux. Price is proportional with the chip size.

5. Leakage Current

LED is a light-emitting diode, and it is a one-way conductivity, but there is also a reverse current called leakage. if the LED has large leakage current, then the consumption is also big, so working life is short, prices low.

6. Antistatic ability

Antistatic ability is the diode reverse voltage withstand capability. If antistatic ability is bad, the LED diode easily breakdown; on the contrary, the Antistatic ability of LED diode is strong, then it will have long life, stable quality, accordingly it has higher price

7. Lifespan

LED Lighting quality is the key to lifespan. The index measure of the life is the LED lighting fades a few percent of initial brightness, not bright anymore. Usually the larger the working current it is, more quickly the LED light fades, and the shorter the life expectancy has. Of course, long life, the price is high.

8. viewing angle

LED lighting fixutre has different emission angle for different usage. For Special light-emitting angle, it has high prices. If all diffusion angle, and the price is higher.

9. Glue

Ordinary LED lamps use generally an epoxy resin glue. if the glue add a UV proof and fireproof material, the price is more expensive. high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV resistence and fireproof, the price is not cheap.

To be concluded, we should know LED lighting market is a chaotic market. This it had a negative impact for LED Lighting application. After we learn the above knowledge, we should be careful to identify, compare, buy those stable quality, reputable company’s products, not to buy the product ridiculously and crazy low prices. Because there is no free lunch in the world.