lm80We are happy to announce that our top led modules are powered by High quality led, which passed LM80 Test standard, including 5050 led module, 3535 led injection module, 2835 led injection modules, samsung 5630 led modules.the leds complete the verification of 6,000 hours of LM80 lumen and they remains excelletn lumen maintenance. in order to improve led modules and strips reliability and greatly increased the confidence of the use of our led modules and strips, all of our Top LED Modules adopt the componets and good led package of world class led manufactuers.

Take 3535 LED as a example.

our 3535 LED pass LM80 test with double current 700mA and use AT Chip for own flip-chip package. when the 3535 LED bonded to a ceramic substrate, they take exclusive Eutectic bonding process, and improve converage and unifrom degree of surface by direct bonding. therefore, comparing normal wire bonding and reflow soldering process components, the 3535 LED has better performance and thermal conductive area, which is helpful for 3535 LED to measured by 6000 hours of LM80 under the strict condition.

the Genesis 3535 LED is mesuared by double current 700mA and 105 degree Celsius temerature, which far exceed U.S. department of Energy (DOE). the 3535 LED, which passed LM80, is not taken 350mA current standard, but use double current 700mA operation of internation companies. otherwise, the 3535 LED also is specified tested by 6000 hours of third party measurement under 55°, 85° and 95°, 105° . under the harsh conditions of double current 700mA and 105 ° high temperature, the 3535 LED is still in one fell swoop by Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America; IES) of the specification LM80 measured lumen maintenance (IES LM80-08 Approved Method: Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Source).  the 3535 LED maintain the rate at different temperatures was 97.4% (55 degrees Celsius), respectively, 96.9% (85 degrees Celsius), 96.4% (95 degrees Celsius), 95.9% (105 degrees Celsius), far exceeding the U.S. Department of Energy (Department of Energy; DOE) of 94.1% for outdoor lighting, indoor lighting requirements of 91.8.

Even by the high temperature and high current operation, our Top 3535 LED still meet the requirements of life L70 lumen maintance of 36,000 hours. According to the American Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of the TM-21 lumen maintenance projections of long-term formula (IES TM21 Projecting Long Term Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Source) for 6,000 hours of actual test, estimated 70% lumen maintenance at different temperatures over the life of 36,000 hours international companies marked, and the U.S. Department of Energy (Department of Energy; DOE) 35,000 hours of outdoor lighting, indoor 25,000 hours lighting requirements, our 3535 LED Modules can accordinly improve the international clienet confidence.