cheapest led strip in the world

Are you buying cheapest the led strip or the most expensive led strips?

In the business world, there is a rule you may know.  the rule is that the cheapest one is the most expensive things, the most expensive thing is the cheapest one!

Now let us show you the datas on the led strips

Economy LED Strip
Normal LED Strip
Middle ends quality LED Strip
highest quality led strips
  warranty  half of year2 yeras warranty2 years warranty3 years warranty
Brightness  600-720lm  1080-1200lm1320-1440Lm1440-1560lm
 Light decay grade
  very fastfastslow very slow
 working life< 30000 hours>50000 hours> 50000 hours>  50000 hours
 price per yearUS$1.5 @ 1 yearUS$2.25/m@1 yearUS$2.5/m@1 yearUS$1.3@1 years
 How many purchasing times

within 5 years

5 times2 times2 times1 time
extra cost
labor cost, maintenance cost and installation cost, and time costinstallation time and maintenance cost installation costno
total cost   >  USD7.5/m + Etra costUS$9/m+ extra cost  US$10/m + extra cost     US$6.8/m
conclusion     the most expensive strip the  cheapest strip

To be conclusion, The cheapest one is the most expensive one,The most expensive one is the cheapest one!