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Categories: Base Knowledge



  1. Safety Difference

The High voltage LED Strip work as 110V-220V, It is dangerous Voltage, and there are potential safety hazards in some risky applications; on the contrary, Low-voltage LED light strips work as DC 12V/24v working voltage, which is a safe voltage and can be applied to various. This kind of occasion will not cause any danger to the human body;

      2. Installation Difference

The 220V LED Strip light installation is relatively simple. It can be driven by a high-voltage driver directly. Generally, it can be configured directly in the factory, and it can work normally when it is connected to a 220V. However, The installation of the low-voltage LED strip requires the installation of a DC power supply, which is relatively complicated during installation;

      3. Price Difference

If you look at the two types of lights alone, the price of the LED strip is similar, but the overall cost is different because the high-voltage LED strip is equipped with a high-voltage power supply, generally a power supply can carry 30~50 meters strips and it is waterproof design, and relatively speaking, the cost is relatively low.

However, The 12V LED strips need to be equipped with a DC power supply. and it needs to calculate the power to drive the meters of the strip. Therefore, from the overall cost point of view, the price of low-voltage LED LED is higher than that of 220V LED Strip Light;

       4. Packaging Difference

The packaging of 220V LED strips and 12V LED strips are also very different. High-voltage LED Rope Light can generally be 50-100 meters per roll; Low-voltage LED strips can generally be 5 meters per roll. ; The Voltage drop exceeding 10 meters will be very severe;

        5. Working Life

12V LED Strip Lighting has a long working life since low voltage, its working life is > 50000 hours. High-quality LED Strip Light can work for more than 5 years. but 220V LED Strip light work as 220V and then it causes much more heat, In some degree, it affects the working life more. normally the working life is 10000 hours


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