Cutting method and precautions of 220v led strip

Cutting method:

  • The 220v LED strip is cut in one meter. If you need to cut it, please cut it accurately according to the position shown in the figure.
  • The cut light strip needs to be equipped with a light strip plug. Each light strip plug can drive a light strip of 1m to 50m, and each section of light strip needs to be equipped with a plug.

220v strip cut

Connecting / installation caution

  • When the 220v LED ribbon is rolled up without gorgeous packaging, please do not turn on for a long time.
  • Only cut short the 220v LED strip at the place marked on the lamp body (full meter cutting), otherwise it will cause the LED strip not bright
  • While installation, use a pair of scissors to cut clean without burr, or it will cause short circuit.
  • Do not turn on the strip during the installation or assembly of the 220v strip.  Only turn on it after it is connected well, installed and fixed well. Because installation person directly connecting the plug and the PCB strip to cause short circuit
  • In the process of installation and use, do not knock the220V Strip with blunt instrument, do not press the strip and knock it to vibrate.
  • The tail end of the LED strip must be covered with a tail plug and glued with silicone glue to firmly bound. In order to ensure that no water enter into it for outdoor usage.
  • Only two strips with the same specification and led driver can be connected, and the connected assembly shall not exceed the maximum allowable use length (50m).
  • It cannot be installed in water, inflammable and explosive environment and it must be ensured that the use in well ventilated. environment .
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