During our work, many customers’ complaint our Samsung LED are so expensive. Even some customers told us that they received cheap Samsung LED. Before shipment, the customer told me that their supplier guaranteed that it is Samsung led. After receiving and check it, they found that they are fake Samsung LED.

The fake Samsung led has similar features as the original Samsung LED, but if we have some skills, we still can judge the difference between them.

Therefore, How to avoid you are fooled by others?  How to get the real Samsung chip?

As below are 5 ways to judge if it is the original Samsung LED.

Corner difference

Original Samsung LED has round corner, but fake Samsung has hexagon corner;

Diode difference

Samsung chip has its own protective diode chip, in the market, the fake has the fake protective diode signs. but their position is different.

For details, pls see the above photo.

Inner structure difference

Original Samsung LED has big inner structure; but fake Samsung led has small inner structure;

Chip position difference

The original Samsung Chip position is on the left side; but the fake Samsung chip position is in the middle or other position;

CRI difference

Only original Samsung LED has high CRI>80, other fake Samsung LED is impossible to get such high CRI because of the technology