LED illumination(E, Illuminance):

formerly called lux. it is the illuminance that 1 lumen evenly distributed on the surface of one square meter generated.
We usually seldom use this parameter, so here we don’t explain more.

Color :

The color rendering index indicate that an object represents itself the color of the light, that is the real color the object shows. The light color of the object itself is called as color rendering, which is the the degree of color fidelity color deviations from the sunlight lighting, it can more fully reflect the color characteristics of the light source. high color rendering of light color has better color. the color we see will be close to nature color, on the contrary, the low color of light has poor color. the color deviation will be larger. International commission on Illumination CIE color rendering index of the sun set at 100. but all kinds of difference light sources CRI is different, such as CRI of high pressure sodium lamp is Ra=23, fluorescent tube CRI Ra=60~90. Chromogenic has two kinds of render color: one is true color, another one is the effect color. the true color can show the original color of the material requires the correct use of color rendering index of high light. its value is close to 100, the color is best. the effect color is to clear emphasize a particular color. the performance of the U.S. life can use to enhance the color effect of additive color.

Glare Definition:

the vision has the strong contrast of high brightness, it can cause visual discomfort. that called glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.