13 big advantages of our led neon light

Our advantages:

1. Food grade silicone Material
Eco-Friendly. meet Europe Country High Standard;

2.  High Temperature Resistance
Temperature-resistant -60°C–200°C, it will not get hard or soft after test.

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3. Weak acids Resistance,
it is more suitable for harsh working environments for your projects.

4. Better Heat Dissipation
Silicone has a certain thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation, good for led working life;

5. UV Resistance

6. Our High quality Silicone material has high light efficiency effect
They don’t absorb water and get fog, and has a high light-emitting effect.

7. Dot Free
our silicone surface diffusion material is imported material, which is very linear and Dot-free.

8. Humanize Design
our silicone  neon  tube has one transparent side, the cutting logo is clearly visible and can be cut as you wish.

9. Waterproof IP68, Indoor & outdoor usage;

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10. Excellent Flexibility
our silicone led neon adopt sliding groove design. After The strip is inserted it, the strip can bemore  flexible, tensile, and more stable;

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11. Easier Installation, No need welding and directly connection
We design a full set of accessories and solve project welding problems.
our led neon accessories make you easier installation.

12. our design make the strip not move inside neon tube  Quality stable

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