Project Description

3528 LED Strip

3528 LED Tape light is powered by Top quality 3528 SMD LED, Each LED is up to 8Lm. It is low light decay, good color consistency and high bright. The 3528 Flexible LED light strip adopt quality 2 ounce thick copper FPR-4 as base. It could be bent, twist and cut. Each 3 LEDs could be cut. At the backside of the LED light tape, It uses 200MP 3M adhesive tape at the strip backside, which is strongly firmed to the installation.


3528 LED Tape Lights


[High Quality] The 3528 LED Tape light is powered by quality 3528 LED, high brightness, color consistency, low light decay;[Good Brightness] Each LED is up to 8lumen[Good CRI] The 3528 LED Tape Light Strip has High CRI>80,[Long working life] the LED Tape Light has >50000 working hours;[3 years warranty] We guarantee the LED Tape light 3 years warranty;

Available colors:

color led tape light

features led tape light

ModelColorLumenLED Qty (leds/m)LED TypeInput voltage(V)Current (mA)Power (W/m)Beam AngleContinuous Connection(m)IP Rated
SR-NP-60W3528white420-480lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60NW3528Nature  white360-420lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60WW3528warm white360-380lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60B3528Blue90lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60G3528Green240Lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60R3528Red180lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20
SR-NP-60Y3528Yellow120lm603528DC12/24v40/204.8120°5m / 10mIP20

Waterproof Types:

 Model IP Rated
SR-WP-60X3528-IP65IP65Silicone glue pottedip64 led tape light
SR-WP-60X3528-IP65IP65Silicone tube ip65 tube led tape light
SR-WP-60X3528-IP65 nanoIP65 NanoSilicone Nano-waterproof IP65 NANO led tape light
SR-WP-60X3528-IP68IP68All-in-one Silicone extrusion ip68 led tape light