Project Description

Pixel LED Strip

pixel LED Strip adopts 30/48/60pcs of SMD5050 RGB LED as its light source. It has 16pcs IC driver, so it could realize that each IC could control 3 LED to create more clear motion, letters and display. stable quality, 2 years warranty

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Input voltage:DC12VDC12VDC12V
Power:MAX 7.5watt/mMAX 12watt/mMAX 15watt/m
Color:Full colorFull colorFull color
IC Type:ws2811 /UCS 1903IC / SM16703ws2811 /UCS 1903IC / SM16703ws2811 /UCS 1903IC / SM16703
Pixel segments:10 pixel segments16 pixel segments20 pixel segments
Lumen :2000-2500MCD2000-2500MCD2000-2500MCD
LED Type:5050 RGB LED5050 RGB LED5050 RGB LED
LED Brand:EpistarEpistarEpistar
Remark:Each 3 leds 1 ICEach 3 leds 1 ICEach 3 leds 1 IC
LED Qty of meter:30leds/meter48leds/meter60leds/meter
Length of reel:5m5m5m
Operating Temperature:-20~+60 degree Celsius-20~+60 degree Celsius-20~+60 degree Celsius
Store Temperature:-20℃ —— +80℃-20℃ —— +80℃-20℃ —— +80℃
Working life:>50,000 Hours>50,000 Hours>50,000 Hours
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years
IP Rated:IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68