Aluminum Extrusion

SunroLighting also provides you with professional support and services for Aluminum Extrusion for LED Strip Lights, including aluminum slot housings, PC Cover, plug accessories, mounting accessories, and splice accessories. They widely used in Decoration Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, Office Lighting, and home lighting.

  • Aluminum Extrusion Material: 6063-T5
  • Anodized Thickness: 10mm;
  • Available Color:  Silver / Black /Customized colors
  • Length available: 1m / 2m /3m
  • PC Cover Material: UV- Resistance PC;
  • PC Cover color:  Clear / Diffuse / Opal
  • Accessories: Clips/ Buckle / Spring Clip / End caps
  • Accessories colors: White / Gray / Black;

Surface Mounted Series

Recessed Series

Embeded Series

Corner Installation Series

Suspended Series

Ground Series

Aluminum Extrusion

As an important part of LED linear illumination, the aluminum Extrusion has good decorative properties and the surface is finely oxidized. It can also be drawn in different colors.

The thermal performance of the thermal fan can extend the life of the LED strip. our products are professionally designed to increase its fan area as well as ventilation and heat transfer structures. Aluminum has good rigidity, which is convenient for LED strip Lighting to be fixed in a straight line.

In order to match various usage scenarios and matching power, we can choose different structural thicknesses. The thick aluminum groove can be used on the ground to prevent deformation. Special structural design, we can make it have a certain flexibility, you can bend the different shapes at will.

The standard color is silver color; it can be customized to other colors, such as black/white/ other colors;

PC Cover:

The PC cover takes the function of improving the light-emitting effect of the LED strips.

Aluminum Extrusion

We routinely offer PC covers in 3 colors, each of which has a different light-emitting effect, allowing the LED lights to illuminate more evenly, so as not to hurt the eyes and achieve better lighting effects, Protect the LED strip light to prevent dust from entering and make strip has long working life.

At the same time, our Aluminum extrusion has different special structures and has a full plastic tubular sealing structure.

It can be IP65 waterproof after being glued with a silicone plug. The thickened structure can actually be Adapt to the high strength and pressure on the ground. The lens series masks focus light to improve the luminous efficiency

Conventional transparent, diffused, opalescent 3 colors are available.

Customizable other colors and other materials (PMMA Frosted);

Aluminum Extrusion Length 

Standard Aluminum extrusion length 1 m 2 m 3 m. Some can be bendable masks can be customized to a length of 3 meters or more, up to 50 meters / pcs, only PC material, the specific situation will be different due to different styles, need to be confirmed according to the order situation

About Package

  1. Aluminum Extrusion and PC cover are protected by each outer independent PE bag;
  2. The cut is smooth and flat without burrs;
  3. Bundle in a certain quantity to ensure that the transportation process does not rub each other;
  4. Thickened 7-layer corrugated box, neatly packed, double-headed bubble cotton cushion protection;
  5. Conventional packaging: 1m-2m length specification outer box with black plastic corner protection to protect the two sharp corners to avoid collision and product damage during air cargo, sea transportation, and express delivery.2.5 m – 3 m length specification, surrounded by thick paper long strips around the carton to avoid transport and bending deformation;