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  • Safety is our Top Consideration!

    Our LifePO4 Battery is More Safe, Stable, and Fireproof!

3500+ cycle Life

Powered by LiFePO4 battery, which can achieve 3500 charge and discharge cycles. The original 20V circuit design can effectively reduce the internal heat problem caused by powering larger power devices

LifePO4 BatteryLithium Battery
3500+ Cycle Life300-500 Cycle Life
10-15 years product Life2-3 years product Life
Proprietary 20V Circuit SolutionUniversal 12V Circuit Solution

Built-in SEC Intelligent Control Technology

Short Circuit Protection

Over-Voltage Protection

Over-load Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

Over-heating Protection

Overcharge Protection

PTC Protection

Reverse charge Protection

Quick Charging Technology

QC3.0, HUAWEI FCP, Samsung AFC, and PD60W,

Charge macbook 4 times faster– The 60W PD full fast charging solution, which can charge most fast charging notebooks, gaming laptops, game consoles, and mobile phones within 60 watts.

60W PD Fast Charge
18W PD Fast Charge
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