High quality

LED is powered by Epistar and Top A grade San’an Chip. High brightness, Color consistency, Low Light decay, Long working Life;

Top FPC Quality

Sunro FPC adopt Top quality 2 Ounce Double sided FPC Strip, Good heat dissipation, and features better flexibility

Non-Lead SMT Technology

Sunro Strips adopt Non-lead SMT Technology, Non-toxic, enviroment-friendly. CE,ROHS certified Passed

Original 3M Tape

Sunro Strip backsdie adopt orginal 3M Adhesive tape, It has strong sticky and good looking for the strip rolls

OEM Service

Sunro could customize different strips to satisfy your needs, such as length, led CCT, package, design..etc

Favorable Price

Sunro Direct-sales LED Strips and we has price advantages on basic of quality products. You worth to have high quality with favorable price!

Shipment advice

Export strips for over 10 years. rich experience can provide you useful and cheaper shipping cost solution for you

7/24 Technical Support

Sunro always stand by behind you and offer you service for your any questions and feedback

Led strip Light


Constant current LED Strips

Constant current LED Strip Lights are Built-in IC 2835 constant current LED, The light strips are specially designed for high-quality, high light efficiency and high CRI, low light decay products, self-driving output constant current, protection circuit settings, making the LED strips safer, longer life, and easier to install simple.


  • Higher quality than constant voltage LED Strips;
  • Reducing potential bad quality risk of strips;
  • Better heat dissipation system;
  • Color consistency; Longer working life;
  • Maximum Length is 30 m/roll;
constant current led strip

COB LED Strip Light

COB is short for “Chips on Board”, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB. The COB LED is encapsulated on an FPC. and then a layer of packaging glue mixed with phosphor is directly dropped on the surface of the COB chip. The light emitted from the chip is refracted, reflected, and interacted with the phosphor in the packaging colloid. The colloid evenly emits different colors and color temperatures.

COB LED Strip Light Advantages

  • Spot Free
  • Lower Light decay, long working life;
  • Viewing angle 180°;
  • High CRI>90

2216 LED Strip Light

The color rendering index of  2216 LED Strip Lights can reach cri95+. It also meets your high-density structure up to 300leds/m. As a result of color consistency and Dot free, The LED Tape Strips are very suitable for the smaller size of aluminum profiles. It can be used in brand display stores, High-end hotels, office buildings, museums, art galleries, hospitals, and another commercial lighting.


  • High CRI, CRI>90 / 95;
  • High density, Dot Free;
  • High Light efficiency;
2216 LED Strip Lights
3528 led tape light

3528 LED Strip Light

3528 LED Strip Light are the earliest launched LED Strip, 3528 LED means the length of led is 3.5 mm and 2.8 mm width. Each LED Lumen is 6-7Lm. As led technology development, 2835 LED Strip Light gradually replace it.

2835 LED Light Strips

The 2835 LED is a medium-power and super bright light-emitting diode, with 0.1W, 0.2W and 0.5W. Because its size is 2.8 (length) × 3.5 (width) × 0.8 (thickness) mm, it is based on the size of the SMD LED.it names 2835 LED. The 2835 LED Strip Lights has bigger advantages than 3528 LED Light strips.


  • Higher Brightness; Color consistency;
  • More favorable price;
  • Wide angle 135-180°;
  • Good dissipation; Low Light decay;
2835 led strip light
led strip light

5050 LED Strip Light

5050 LED refers to the size of the LED, which means that the length of the LED is 5.0 mm and the width is 5.0 mm; similarly, 5050 SMD LED is made on the basis of 3528 according to market demand. The best distinction in appearance is that 5050 LEDs are square, Big chip and 3528 is a small chip.

5050 LED Strip Light features high brightness, Low light decay, color consistency, Long working life, easier installation. It is suitable for a wide range of application, such as showcases, store decorations, ultra-thin light box backlights, hotel KTV decorations, outdoor lighting, home ceilings, ceiling porch decorations. furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships and other industries.

5630 LED Strip Light

5630 LED Strip Lights are most economical LED strips. It has 10 different types of colors. High brightness, high power, color consitency,if you are senstic to the price, 5630 led strips ad 2835 led strips are most choice.

5630 led strip
cct led strip 1

CCT LED Strip Light

CCT LED Strip Light has two different colors, You could adjust the light strip for a home in different colors by remote. It is the perfect choice to decorate your home: dining room, bedroom, staircase, kitchen, porch, deck, and living room, especially suitable for holiday and Christmas, Halloween, parties, and other activities.

RGB / RGBW LED Strip Light

RGB LED Strip Light can realize various static monochromatic colors, as well as dynamic three-color jumping, three-color gradation, seven-color jumping, and seven-color gradation, as well as brightness adjustment and speed adjustment.

RGB LED Strip Light
addressable led strip

Addressable LED Strip Light

The Pixel LED Strip Light built in an IC chip in the FPC or LED to give each pixel a different light-emitting state, so that it can achieve the effects of running water, horse racing, scanning, popular tailing, etc., and the colors are more abundant. They are 256 gray levels. The LED Pixel Strip can create different colors, letters, and effects as you wish. It is widely used in Hotel, KTV, Decoration projects

LED Neon Light

The LED Neon Flex is made of silicone material, UV Resistance, Waterproof IP67 Rated. It is mainly used for outdoor High-end projects. Single color, RGB, Addressable RGB LED Neon are available.

The Silicone LED Neon Lights are mainly applied in outdoor decoration, Building, Park, Disco, Hotel, TV, home installation.

LED Neon Light
220V LED Strip light

220V LED Strip

The 220V / 110V LED Strips are directly connect to AC110V-230V without any drivers. Easy to installation and very convenient. Considering high voltage safety problems, It needs professional installation to avoid problems.

The 220V LED Strips are mainly applied in indoor and outdoor decoration, Building, Park, Disco, Hotel, TV, home installation.

Aluminum Extrusion

  • Aluminum Extrusion Material: 6063-T5
  • Anodized Thickness: 10mm;
  • Available Color:  Silver / Black /Customized colors
  • Length available: 1m / 2m /3m
  • PC Cover Material: UV- Resistance PC;
  • PC Cover color:  Clear / Diffuse / Opal
  • Accessories: Clips/ Buckle / Spring Clip / End caps
  • Accessories colors: White / Gray / Black;
led profile