LED Package is to protect the LED Chip and maintain the highest luminous and minimal light attenuation. LED packaging materials have two types, one is epoxy resin (Epoxy Resin) and another one is silicone. but the epoxy resin material will turn yellow and get gradually aging when it is exposed to heat or UV light. It will lead to led and light penetration, particularly under the situation of the higher temperature and the lower wavelength. As the low cost and factory focus on lower price, they are widely used in the led market. in this case, the LED don’t have long life and the brightness will lose faster.

On the contrary, the LED Silicone package material has a very good light transmittance, even though it is under the high temperature and UV Irradiation, the led will not get yellow ang aging. the temperature range is -40 ~ 180 ℃. It is high-end quality material because of high cost.

        LED silicone package materials are two major categories, one is silicon methyl (1.4 Refractive Index RI), the other is the  silicon phenyl (1.4 Refractive Index RI), but the phenyl heat dissipation performance is not better than silicon methyl, and its cost is higher, therefore, The High Power LED often is used to made from silicon methyl silicone.

LED silicone Package are widedly used in LED display board, LED lighting, LED backlight module.

Silicone LED package has the following features:

High transmittance, low light decay
High temperature yellow
UV-resistant yellow
– Good thermal shock resistance
Good electrical insulation

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