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LED Strip Lights have Non-waterproof LED Strips and waterproof LED Strips. Waterproof LED Strip lights also has several types. then How to choose right LED Strips for your project. Today we show you the difference among them.

1. Non-waterproof LED Strip Lights

Nonwaterproof LED Strip light is IP20 Rated. The LED is directly soldered on the bare FPC.  basically represents that it is not waterproof, suggesting that you not use it indoors where it could get wet with water. The heat dissipate fast and Brightness is highest. It is ideally used for indoor projects, but it can’t be used in outdoor and mositure working enviroments.


2. Nano waterproof LED Strip Lights

It is a new type nano-structured waterproof LED Strip Lights. The nano-structured waterproof LED Strip Lights includes an FPC flexible circuit board, LED and a spraying layer, the LED is installed on the surface of the FPC flexible circuit board, and the spraying layer is floating On the surface of LED and FPC flexible circuit boards, the thickness of the Nano sprayed layer is 0.1mm-0.3mm. The New Nano coating can solve a series of problems of the traditional waterproof LED Strip Lights IP65: heat dissipation, UV resistance, yellowing resistance, no color temperature drift, light weight, and its Color temperature drift is small, waterproof performance is good (waterproof grade IP65), moisture-proof, long-term environmental temperature -20 to 50 degrees, humidity 90 degrees without yellowing phenomenon, simple production process.


3.  Silicone /PU  /Epoxy resin Coating Waterproof LED Strip Lights

This type of waterproof LED Strip lights add a resin, silicone or epoxy layer on top of the LEDs basically fully sealing off the top end of the LED strip including all the solder joints and contact points. It can protect against water and mositure.

Silicone ,PU material and Epoxy resin has different advantages and disavantages. We will show you Next passage


4. Silicone Tube Waterproof LED Strip Lights

The Waterproof LED Strip Lights is using silicone tube protected against mositure and water. it is hollow inside.  If It is used in the outdoor, the End caps of strips must be waterproof protected well.


5.  IP67 Waterproof LED Strip Lights

The IP67 Waterproof LED Strip Lights are Silicone tube sleeve and Silicone glue filling.  It is Commonly used for outdoor lighting, such as building outlines, bridges, city parks, shopping malls, festival atmosphere decoration, etc.


6. IP68 Waterproof LED Strip Lights

It is highest IP Rated waterproof LED Strip, It is All-in-one Silicone solid extrusion waterproof to achieve waterproof effect, can be used for underwater light strips, such as pools, swimming pools, waterscape manufacturing, etc., you need to use high-level waterproof light strips.



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