Led Strip lights are that The LED is assembled on  the ribbon FPC (flexible printed circuit board) or PCB hard board. It got the name because the product is shaped like a tape. It features Long life (normal life span of 50,000 hours), energy saving and friendly environment, the strip tape gradually emerge in a variety of decorative industry, illuminated channel letters and lighting box.
LED Strip lights are divided into Flexible LED lights and LED light bar.The Flexible led strips adopt FPC and the assemble SMD LED. the thickness of the strips is almost the thickness of a coin. it could be bent, folded, winding and stretching without breaking. it is suitable for irregular place and any combination of patterns in advertising and decoration..

There are 4 types of waterproof LED Strips and it’s important to understand what makes them different and how to select the right one for your application. Today we’re going to go over the differences among them that are available here at sunroled.com.
You may be wondering what the real difference between the two is especially if they’re both claiming to be of high quality and waterproof. Before we go over the differences between the light strips, let’s go over what the “IP” stand for and why it’s important.


What is IP (Ingress Protection)?

Almost everything used today has an IP rating, from cameras to phone cases and of course LED Strips. The acronym “IP” stands for Ingress Protection.IP ratings are intended to provide the end-user of a product with a classification that has more meaning than the term “waterproof.”  The ratings indicate the level of protection provided against dust intrusions, accidental contact with dust, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

The first number from the IP rating goes from 0-6 and it classifies how dust resistant the enclosure really is. The number zero means that it has no protection against contact and ingress of objects and the number 6 means it’s dust tight. The second number of the IP rating ranges from 0-9 and it stands for liquid ingress protection. Zero means that it is not protected and 9 or 9K is protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.In a nutshell the IP rating is a key component in deciding which product is right for your application.

Difference between LED Strips IP20,IP65,IP65 Nano, IP67, IP68 Rated

1.IP20 Rated.This IP strip is non-waterproof strip, the LEDs are directly mounted on the surface of LED Lightings. it is suitable for Indoor decoration.

2.IP65 Rated (Glue Coating). IP65 LED Tape is using epoxy resin / PU glue covered on the printed circuit board and all LEDS. it could not be totally expose in outdoor. it could be rainy-proof.

3.IP65 Rated( silicone Tube ). IP65 is using silicon tube / PVC Tube to fully cover the LED Strips with caps at both ends sealed. it could not be totally expose in outdoor.

4.IP65 Nano. Newest technology, it is using thin silicone layer silicon maerial to fully cover the LED Strip. waterproof and very light weight, saving your shipping cost!

5.IP67 Rated (U Shape + gule coating). It is covered by the U-shape silicon/PVC tube and it is coated by a layer of epoxy glue between the led tape and tube.

6. IP68 Rated, Newest technology!  Totally waterproof and used in outdoor projects!

 Installation methods:


(1) Clean the installation place and you could use silicone clip or screw fixed. better use the glass glue on the surface on it, as the 3M adhesive is used for a long time, it is very easy to slip off.

 (2) Choose the right power supply. For example, the consumption of 5 meters 4Watt strips is 5*4W=20Watt, but in practical,you have to choose the 25Watt power supply= 20Watt / 0.8=25W.

(3) If necessary, you could choose the diammable to adjust the brightness of the strips. However, if the strips are installed over 5 meters, the power supply should be parallel connection. or the voltage will drop and the some of strips are not bright enough.

 (4). Make sure that the strips are connected to the right positive and negative hole of power supply. and test the strips.


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