It seems like you can find and buy LED strips almost everywhere these days, they’re on Amazon, eBay, and all led companies.  The cheap prices spread all over the world, but the cost may not be a good indicator of the quality of the product.

Nothing is same in the world, let alone LED Flexible strip from different factories. One of the primary reasons for buying and using LED Strip light is because they can save more energy in a long term. Therefore, It’s important to understand that a low quality LED strip could be consuming twice the power it needs to and may even be less efficient than incandescent lighting. in the long run, you waste more money on cheap products than high quality strip.

Flexible LED lighting strips can be widely used in both home, office and decoration projects. The flood of the products to the market can make it difficult for consumers to select the best product for their money.

The quality of the materials used to manufacture the LED strip play an important role in determining the quality. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to use low quality components and may even use a combination of 5050 SMD, 3528 SMD, 2835 SMD and 3014 SMD chips to lower production costs.

The LED Strip Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is what electronically connects electronic components. The quality and thickness of the copper is of very important.

1. The thickness of the cooper PCB. 

the thicker the copper, the more current can flow and the more efficient the strip is. currently in the market, it has 1 ounce, 2ounce, 4ounce thick PCB.

2. The pureness of the copper

the more pure, the copper is the better. Higher quality copper means less resistance and a stronger current.

3. Double-sided and one-sided cooper

Cooper PCB has double-sided and one-sided cooper difference. double-sided cooper PCB is best.

4.  Heat dissipation systems design of PCB

Only high quality LED Strip PCB has such design. A high quality printed circuit Board will have a thin film at each side. it will improve the heat dissipation of LED Strips. in the market, many factories reduce the cost and use the one-sided film.

You’ll want to take each one of these factors into consideration when selecting the provider of your Flexible LED Strip lights. Choosing the wrong solution could end up costing you more than you might imagine.

Recommendation consideration:

Before you order the LED strips, please make sure what requirements you need. different factory has different standard. or it will have a big misunderstanding between you and your supplier.