2216 LED Strip is Currently New led strip innovation. Now we share our knowledge with you and tell us why you should use 2216 strip for your project more.

1. 2216 LED Small Size and lower cost;
A. Small size and thinner; wide viewing angle,
B. The light efficiency is similar as 2835;
C. production efficiency is higher than big size, it save big low cost. moreover.
D. 2216 LED CRI>90

2. Flexible design
A. The 2216 size is smaller than 2835, so the design is more flexible.
B. it is more suitable for irregular installation;
C. it can have 60leds,120leds,240leds,300leds

3. Good color consistency

4.  Light is more even. more fit for Aluminum led profile


5.  Waterproof techies are more simple than 2835 strips, Good for project


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