×      Epistar chip = Good quality LED?

Have you experienced the following situation?
when you import led products from China, and you ask the supplier, what is the brand chip? then the supplier said Epistar chip”. then you would like to find the cheaper price, and you are looking for another supplier, and ask what is the name of the brand chip? then the supplier give you the same answer” Epistar”. …. Finally, the 5th supplier tell you that they also use Epistar chip. so You may think, even though all suppliers use the same Epistar, but price is cheaper, so you make the decision to choose the cheaper one. Right?

√       Quality Chip + Top LED Package= Good quality LED

Many customers think their LED modules are good quality because they use Epistar Chip. Frankly speaking, that is very unprofessional thoughts. All LEDs are made by two procedures. one is LED Chip, another one is LED Package for Chip. Even though they use very good Epistar chip, if LED Package is very bad, then the quality of whole LED is also poor. Quality chip doesn’t make sense. The poor led package will affect the lifespan of, colors and stables of products.

LED is the key of Quality LED Modules

Quality chip and Top led package will produce quality LED. As long as you are using whole quality LED and quality raw material,(plus, good performance) then it will make sense that LED Modules are perfect quality!

Are you dare to say that your LED modules are good quality?