LED products are becoming increasingly indispensable in our lives. LED Products as previous generation technologies,gradually replace the traditional Lighting, Neon,  incandescent, halogen, fluorescent . No Matter Functional, Energy-saving or Friendly Enviroment, LED Products have more advtanges.

So Why do you need to use LED Products?

1. Much Less Power Consumption

LED Modules, LED Strips are only DC12V/ 24V Operated. The current is not more than 20~30mA, that means the Comsumption is less than 0.1W. It Could save 50%~85% Energy lights. LED Products has a better light efficiency than traditional Lights.

 2. Low Heat Generation

Halogen & Incandescent lamps are generating 90% heat and 10% light. Resulting in yet another extra energy cost if air-conditioning is installed.
However, LED Lights, LED Modules use FR4 PCB to dissipate the heat and save more energy and cost. Free Maintence!

3. High Brightness and Cool Color

LEDs are very well known for their ability to produce light waves at very specific frequncy ranges. This makes the colours produced by LEDs the most vivid of all light forms.

4. Long Life Time

Due to the extreme long lifetime, serious savings can be made on maintenance costs, especially when lamps are installed in hard to reach places. For High quality LED lights, its Lifespan could continuously last more than 5 years. On the contrary, the Tradioantional Lamp only has 1 year lifespan.

 5. Friendly Enviroment