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9 Big Advantages of COB LED Strip lighting

COB LED technology represents a significant advancement in the LED lighting Field. it mounts numerous LED chips directly onto a substrate to form a single module.

In this article, we would like to show you the advantages of COB LED Strips in Decoration Lighting.

COB LED Strip Light Advantages

1. Seamless illumination

COB LED Strip Lighting could produce smooth and continuous light due to the high density of LED chips. This feature is particularly useful for applications where uniform light output is crucial, such as under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, or any setting where the light source is visible. The seamless illumination of COB LED light strips eliminates the spotting inherent in other types of LED lighting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

2. High Density

COB LED Strip lights integrate multiple LED chips, thus typically offering higher brightness and stronger light output. It has been excellent choice for areas requiring high-level illumination, such as kitchen or office task lighting, without the need for additional light sources.

3. High Flexibility

Flexibility is another significant advantage of COB LED light strips. These strips can be bent and twisted to accommodate various shapes and surfaces, making them widely applicable in creative lighting designs. Whether it’s wrapping around curves, conforming to irregular shapes, or installing in narrow corners, COB LED strips can easily adapt, providing consistent illumination without compromising light quality or intensity.


4. High CRI>90

COB LED Strip CRI is up to 90. It means the human eye perceives very minimal color differences, making COB LED light strips considered as an ideal lighting choice, especially in applications where accurate color reproduction is crucial, such as art, photography, exhibitions, and commercial displays. By providing high-CRI lighting, COB LED light strips help create more realistic and vibrant environments, enhancing user experience and aesthetics.

5. Wider Angle 180°

COB LED strip lighting provide a wide beam angle 180°, ensuring broad and uniform distribution of light.

This wide angle is particularly suitable for uniformly illuminating large areas, reducing shadows, and enhancing visual comfort in a space. Whether used for general ambient lighting or specific task areas, the extensive coverage of COB light strips ensures that light reaches every corner, making them a practical choice for residential and commercial environments.


6. High Efficiency > 100Lm/W

Our COB LED Strips is designed as high energy efficiency >100Lm/W, producing more light with less energy consumption, thereby reducing energy costs.

7.  Arbitrary Cut

Sunro COB LED strip Lightings come in several cuttable design versions, arbitrary cuttable, allowing for easy customization. These include traditional designs where you can cut every three lights or every six lights.

It can meet various size and shape requirements. Such a design offers greater flexibility, making COB LED strips suitable for a variety of installation scenarios and enabling custom lengths to match specific space dimensions.


8. More Colors

COB LED Strips offer various color temperatures and color choices, including warm white, natural white, and cool white, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Tiffany Blue, Marrs Green,Plastic Pink as well as colorful options like RGB and RGBW,  Dimmable, Constant current Versions.

9. New Free Soldering

Sunro New COB LED light strips have introduced a new type of solder-free light strip. The key advantages are No Solder point, enhance durable,  Easy Customization, Higher efficiency >160lm/w, easier installation. etc

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