Inspection Service

Offering a wide range of product choices and 100% inspection before shipment. Whether clients need indoor lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative lighting fixtures, or specialized lighting solutions, we can provide various options based on client requirements.

Customized Service

Having professional engineering design teams and technical support teams capable of providing customized lighting solutions based on client needs. Whether it’s special design requirements, specific usage needs, or complementary lighting design, We can offer professional advice and solutions and customize production according to client requirements.

Shipping Service

Having extensive experience in logistics and transportation, providing efficient logistics arrangements and global transportation services. We can assist you with customs procedures, offer suitable transportation methods and packaging solutions, and ensure timely delivery of products.

After-sales Service

value Our customer satisfaction and provide comprehensive after-sales service support. Whether it’s product installation, debugging, or after-sales maintenance,we can respond to client needs promptly and offer professional support and solutions.

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Make your project quality and attractive!

Make your project quality and attractive!

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