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12 Years Of Experience As LED Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

Your business is specialized in LED Strips, LED Pixel Lights and Doing LED Projects and you look for a partner in Asia to manufacture your products?  Well, Sunroleds might be the best solution to satisfy your needs.  Specialized in manufacturing custom LED Strip and Lights products for more than 12 years, Sunroleds has developed its expertise in providing custom LED Downlights, LED Panels, LED Ceiling Light, LED Wall Washer, and much more…

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Epistar Chip, Quality Material, Reasonable price, 3-5 years warranty

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I like the brightness and power of lighting really is very good

CEO, Tecemel

All look 100% same as when it first installed. all look very bright. that is why I use SUNROLED, very high quality LED Strips

D.Charmen, LiteXXX.AV

That was best LED Strips we received so far Linda ! they are very brilliant!

Tim, YelloXXXXX.NL

It is fine there good quality led and we are getting good feedback from them

Mark M, WalshXXX
Smart Led Light with Hand Sensor

LED Sensor Light

LED sensor lights are a type of lighting that can detect motion and turn on automatically when someone enters their range. They are designed to be energy-efficient and convenient, making them an ideal choice for various applications such as home security, outdoor lighting, and indoor lighting in areas like hallways and bathrooms. LED sensor lights usually come with different types of sensors, including hand sensors and body sensors, which can detect different levels of motion and proximity. When someone walks closer to the sensor, the light turns on, and it automatically turns off when they walk away, providing a hassle-free lighting solution that can help save energy and enhance safety.

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