LED Neon light Strip Project

Japan LED Neon Light Strips Projects

Japan Hotel Decoration Project

Project Details:

Date: September, 2023
Place: Japan Hotel

The hotel has used 5000 meters of LED neon light strips to create a unique nighttime ambiance. These neon strips outline the hotel’s exterior, highlighting the elegant contours of the building. The lights are soft yet bright, transforming the hotel into a dazzling light castle. When night falls, the shimmering glow of the neon lights adds a touch of mystery and romance, making every guest feel as if they are in a dreamlike setting. Moreover, these light strips can change colors to create different thematic atmospheres, perfect for celebrating holidays or hosting special events, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Whether viewed from afar or up close, this 5000-meter neon light strip has become a stunning highlight of the hotel.

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