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The Charm and Applications of 360° LED Neon Strip Lights


In today’s lighting industry, 360° LED neon strip lights have emerged as a popular choice for both decoration and illumination due to their unique design and outstanding performance. This innovative strip light not only brings brilliant illumination to spaces but also offers flexible installation options and a wide range of applications to meet the demand for personalized and high-quality lighting solutions.

This article will provide an in-depth look at this innovative product, exploring its features, applications, performance, and installation considerations to help you fully understand why it might be the ideal lighting solution for your needs.


Omidirectional Lighting Design

The appeal of 360° LED neon strip lights lies in their distinctive feature. the 360° light-emitting angle allows the light to disperse in all directions. Unlike traditional strip lights, this all-around illumination feature minimizes shadows and dark spots, ensuring an even and continuous lighting effect from any angle. this Wide angle feature makes it perfect for applications where consistent and soft light is required.

High Light Transimission

Our 360° LED Neon light utilize High quality Dow-corning Silicone Material and advanced Extruded Molding technology, which is higher brightness and high light transimission. The high purity silicone materials,Excellent Optical Properity and advanced manufacturing processes features a low refractive index and high transparency, which allows more light to pass through without significant loss, ensuring uniform light and high color rendering index (CRI). The even light distribution ensures consistent illumination from all angles, while a high CRI guarantees that the light accurately reproduces colors.

360° LED Neon Light

Environmental Adaptability

Durability is another significant advantage of the 360° LED Neon Strip Light. Typically made from high-quality silicone materials and our integrated molding process, these strips are designed to be Salt resistance, acid & alkali corrosion resistance, UV and fire resistance. water-resistant, dust-proof, and UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions. This durability makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


The 360° LED Rope Light is highly flexible and easy to install, accommodating a variety of installation needs. They can be bent, folded, and twisted to fit different installation shapes and spatial requirements, and many options come with convenient installation accessories like Pendant Rope, Extended Pole Installation or mounting clips, making the installation process quick and straightforward.

Installation Methods

Our 360-degree LED neon strip offers a charming and flexible lighting solution with seven distinct installation methods to meet various project demands. Whether you need to create ambient lighting, highlight architectural features, or design innovative lighting, our neon strip adapts effortlessly to your vision. Explore the different installation options to find the perfect fit for your project:

Surface mounted

1.Surface Mounting

Attach the strip directly to walls or surfaces for a sleek and modern look.

2.Pendant Mounting

Hang the strip from ceilings or beams for an elegant, floating effect.

Pendant mounted
boom shape

3. Boom Shape Mounted

boom shape offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, making it an excellent choice for any lighting project.

4.” I ” Type hanging Mounted

modern and elegant touch to any space, creating a visually striking focal point.

I type mounted
U Type mounteds

5. “U” Type Hanging Mounted

a sophisticated and modern touch to any space, creating a visually appealing focal point.

6.” I ” Type Pendant Mounted with rope

creates a sleek and contemporary look that enhances any space.

vertical lifting

7. Splicing Mounted

Supports various shapes and allow creative freedom design

Inspiring you Creativity

Indoor Decoration

The 360° LED Neon Strip Light is widely used for indoor decoration. It can enhance the ambiance of home environments such as living rooms, bedrooms, office, and kitchens. They can be installed along the edges of ceilings, behind TV backgrounds, behind sofas, at the head of beds, or inside wardrobes. Different colors and modes can create cozy, relaxing, or vibrant atmospheres, enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of home spaces. For example, using warm white lights along the ceiling edge in a living room can create a soft, indirect lighting effect, making the space feel more open and bright. In a bedroom, soft blue or purple lights at the head of the bed can create a tranquil, soothing sleep environment.

Additionally, it is suitable for office spaces and commercial environments, including conference rooms, reception areas, and showrooms, to elevate the space’s aesthetic appeal and professional appearance.

Commercial Decoration

In commercial space such as malls, restaurants, bars, and cafes, 360° LED neon lights can attract customers and create unique atmospheres. They can be used for Store window displays, shelf edges, ceilings, hotel lobbies, entertainment venues and stair railings to capture attention, get visual appeal of the space, enhance brand image, and increase commercial value.

For instance, using colorful lights above a bar and on the walls of a nightclub can create a lively, festive atmosphere. In mall windows, gradient lights can highlight product features and attract more customers.

Creative Projects

Due to their flexibility and vibrant colors, 360° LED Tira Lights are also a favorite tool for artists and designers,making it a great choice for creative projects. It can be used in art installations, event decorations, and stage design, offering designers the freedom to explore new ideas and unique creativity, showcasing visual dynamic effects. Whether for static displays or dynamic light shows, this strip light can help bring creative visions to life.

For example, using strip lights to create shapes and patterns in art exhibitions can attract viewers’ attention and provoke thoughts about the artwork. On stage, carefully designed lighting effects can enhance the ambiance and impact of performances.

Outdoor Application

With excellent water and dust resistance, the 360° LED Neon Strip Light performs exceptionally well in outdoor settings.  They can be installed along building outlines, bridge railings, park paths, and garden edges to add vibrant colors and unique charm to nighttime cityscapes. Its durability and UV resistance ensure that it maintains its performance and appearance in various weather conditions, adding a touch of charm to outdoor spaces.

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