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360° led neon Strip

The 360° LED Tube Light provides uniform, omnidirectional illumination while offering design flexibility and excellent decorative effects, making it an ideal choice for various lighting applications,commercial project, residential areas, museum and exhibition.etc


Main Features

  • Premium Dow-Corning Silicone: Made from top-quality Dow-Corning silicone for exceptional durability and performance.
  • 360-Degree Light Emission: Provides uniform, all-around illumination with a full 360-degree light output.
  • High Light Transmittance: Superior light transmittance for a brighter and more vivid illumination.
  • High Brightness: Delivers high brightness levels for a wide range of lighting needs.
  • Low Light Decay: Engineered for minimal light decay, ensuring long-lasting, consistent brightness.
  • Integrated Extrusion Design: One-piece extrusion for a seamless and robust construction.
  • IP65 Waterproof Rating: Fully protected against dust and water, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • UV and Corrosion Resistant: Designed to withstand UV exposure and resist corrosion for extended lifespan.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Professional accessories available for various installation methods to meet different project requirements.

Technical Parameter

Model SR-NEON-13D
LED Brand: Quality led; SDCM<5
Voltage: DC 24V
Power: 5W / 10W
Lumen: 300-600Lm/m
Colors available: WW/CW/NW
Beam Angle: 360 degree
Materials  Eco-Friendly Food Graded Silicone, UV Resistance
Cuttable Length 50mm / unit
IP Rated: IP65
Dimension: 13mm (Diameter)
Working temperature -20 – +60℃
Package: 5 meters / roll
Warranty 5 years warranty



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How can I connect two 360-degree neon tube together?2024-07-15T08:01:20+00:00

You can connect two 360-degree neon light strips by our specially designed installation connectors, ensuring a graceful looking and continuous light effect.

neon tube connector

Do you provide installation accessories for the Tira neon 360°?2024-07-10T07:07:07+00:00

Yes, we provide a variety of installation accessories for the Tira neón 360°, including mounting clips, brackets, and screws to ensure easy and secure installation. Fore more, Please reach out to us, then we offer you right solution

Tira Neon Accessories

Can I customize the length of 360 degree neon strip light?2024-07-10T06:09:18+00:00

Yes, the length of the 360-degree neon strip can be customized to fit your project requirements, but it cannot be cut by the user.


How can I install the 360° LED Neon light?2024-07-10T05:59:04+00:00

We offer more than 7 different installation methods for our 360° led neon light

  • Surface Mounting: Directly mount the strip onto a surface for a clean, flush look.
  • “一” Type Hanging Mounting: Horizontal hanging installation for an even light distribution.
  • “I” Type Hanging Mounting: Vertical hanging installation for a straight, linear effect.
  • “U” Type Hanging Mounting: U-shaped hanging installation for creating arches or curves.
  • “I” Type Hanging Mounting with Rope: Vertical hanging with additional support from ropes for added stability.
  • Boom Shape Hanging Mounting: Suspended installation with a boom shape for creative lighting designs.
  • Splicing Hanging Mounting: Connect multiple strips end-to-end for a continuous lighting effect.
led neon light
What brand of LEDs do you use in this Neon Strip?2024-07-10T01:34:46+00:00

We use high-quality LEDs from Sanan, Epistar and Philips, Tailor your needs.  Our default LED is A-grade LED are construted with Gold wires and Cooper bracket,  High CRI>90, SDCM<5; This combination ensures optimal electrical conductivity, excellent heat dissipation, Color consitency and enhanced durability, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of our neon light strips. So  our warranty is 5 years warranty


What types of end caps are available for your 360° neon light strip?2024-07-10T05:47:57+00:00

We offer four types of end caps for our 360° neon light strip

  • Front Entry Integral End Caps: These caps allow for direct front entry connections,these caps provide flexibility in installation and wiring.
  • Side Entry Integral End Caps: Designed for side entry connections, ensuring a seamless connection.
  • Silicone End Caps: Made from durable silicone, these caps are perfect for environments requiring extra flexibility and protection.
  • Metal End Caps: These caps offer robust protection and a sleek finish, ideal for industrial or high-traffic areas.
End caps

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