2835 RGB LED Tape Light

The 2835 RGB LED strip is a versatile and cost-effective solution known for its vibrant colors and efficient performance. The 2835 LEDs are smaller and more efficient compared to other types like 5050 or 3528, offering higher brightness with lower power consumption.

This RGB LED strip is designed to produce a wide range of colors by combining red, green, and blue light. By adjusting the intensity of each color, it can create millions of different hues, making it perfect for dynamic and customizable lighting setups. It is a high-quality, adaptable, and efficient lighting option that is suitable for a wide range of applications, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional illumination.


Technical Parameter

Part NO SR-NP-120RGB2835
LED Type: Top 2835 RGB LED
LED Qty/m: 120leds/m
CRI: >90
SDCM: <5
Voltage: DC12V/ 24V
Driver Methord: Constant Voltage
Power: 9.6W / 12W
PCB Width: 5mm / 8mm
 Lumen@3000K: 450Lm/m
Colors: RGB Color
View angle: 120°
Cut Unit: 12V: 25mm / 24V: 50mm
Max running Length: 5 meters
Connection Wire: 20AWG
Working Temperature: -10° C –+45° C
IP Rated: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Warranty: 3 years warranty



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