Square Super thin LED Panel


  • Flat and ultra-thin circular design, beautiful and lightweight;
  • Anti-Glare, No Flicker, Soft light and high brightness;
  • Die-cast aluminum shell, good heat dissipation;
  • With spring assembly, easy installation;
  • Degree of Protection: lP40
  • Energy saving and environmental protection;
  • 50000 working hours, 5 years warranty

Model Dimension Power Current Lumen
SR-SPL160S-10W 160x160x21mm10 10W 250mAh 800Lm
SR-SPL-180S-12W 180x180x21mm 12W 280mAh 1000Lm
SR-SPL-200S-18W 200x200x21mm 18W 450mAh 1450Lm
SR-SPL-220S-20W 220x220x21mm 20W 500mAh 1600Lm
SR-SPL-300S-24W 300x300x21mm 24W 560mAh 1900Lm

Techinical Parameter

Input AC200-240V
LED Type: 2835 SMD
CRI: CRI>80 / 90
Voltage: AC200-240V
Light Efficiency: 80Lm/W
Power Factor: >0.9
Power Efficiency: >85%
Brand: Philip Driver, Flicker Free
Warranty: 5 years warranty



LED Panel Installation