LED Strips are widely used in various fields. If you pay attention to it, you will find that the existence of LED Strip lights is indispensable around you, which also reflects the wide application of LED light strips. Many customers are not very familiar with the use of the LED Strips, which will cause some problems, especially the problem that the corner LED Strips does not light up.

Today, let’s talk about why your LED Strips are not bright

Generally speaking, There are 2 situations when the light strip is not bright;

  • One is that the whole led strip are off
  • the other is that only one part is off.

The former reason may be caused by the power failure. it might be caused by the plug falling off, or the connector socket is broken, just check the plug is firmly inserted or whether the LED driver is broken.

The other kind of problem is more common, and it may cause many kinds of problems:

1. Unqualified solder quality

Before shipment, The LED strips were already not qualified. The amount of solder of the light strip is small, and the solder joint is easy to fall off. If the quality of the soldering tin of the LED strip is not good, the solder joints of the LED strip are prone to embrittlement and falling off during the bending process.

2. The resistance and the LED chip are burned out

To lighten up the LED strip for a long time can cause overheating. There is another possibility that the LED strip burns out due to voltage. The resistance is broken down due to excessive current or voltage, and the resistance is severely damaged, so the entire meter of the LED Strip lighting does not turn on. These are very obvious, there are usually burnt marks, you can check it carefully.

There are some external factors caused by the LED light strips not bright. It is important to cooperate with good LED Strip manufacturers to avoid bad quality LED light strips as much as possible. Before you buy it and install it, you must test the power on the ground to see if the light strip is not damaged, and you can communicate with the manufacturer if it does not light up. If it is good, put the light strip on it.


3. Wrong Installation

1. When the light strip is installed, the bending angle is too large, causing the solder joint of the LED light strip to separate from the copper foil and cause no light.

2. Excessive squeezing of the LED Strips during you install the LED strip. which may cause damage to the chip of the LED light strip or the deformation of the solder joints and no light.

Note: The light strip should not be excessively twisted during installation. If the light strip is squeezed too violently, the solder joints of the LED light strip may fall off or the board will break and cause no light.