Revolutionize Your Lighting

Here are that we briefly introduction the difference between Embedded led neon lights and regular led neon IP67, Why embedded neon lights can replace the aluminum led bar for projects

  • Hollow design:

Unlike conventional IP67 LED neon lights, Our embedded neon lights have a hollow design, which allows them to achieve higher luminosity for the same power output, making them brighter.

  • High protection level:

Our LED neon lights have a protection level of IP44, which makes them suitable for indoor use. This means they can resist a certain degree of water and solid particles to ensure their long-term operation.

  • Easy to use and installation:

The installation process of embedded neon lights is simple and convenient, requiring only a groove to be made for insertion. They are also easy to disassemble and reinstall, making it more convenient for replacement or maintenance.

  • Economical:

Due to their simple design and installation process, Our embedded LED neon lights are more cost-effective compared to conventional neon lights, making them a cost-efficient choice.

  • High luminous efficiency:

With their hollow design and single-color luminous characteristics, Our embedded neon lights have higher luminous efficiency. This means they can provide brighter light with the same power output.

  • Last but not least,—High quality

Our Ruban LED Neons adopt Quality LED, Cooper Wire package, CRI>90, SDCM<5 , Color uniform, Long warranty period – 3 years warranty.  it can satisfy you Lighting quality requirements

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