2203, 2023

LED Motion Sensor Light Prospect

By |March 22, 2023|Industry News|

LED sensor lights are a game-changer in the lighting industry, offering advanced features that traditional lighting cannot provide. With built-in motion sensors and LED light sensors, these lights automatically turn on and off based on movement and ambient light levels, making them energy-efficient and convenient. The market for LED sensor lights is growing rapidly due to their versatility and potential applications. Motion sensor lights are increasingly popular in homes, outdoor areas, and commercial spaces such as offices and warehouses. They provide a hands-free lighting solution, saving [...]

501, 2013

Some about the LED Lighting Flicker

By |January 5, 2013|Base Knowledge|

After more than ten years of development, the LED lighting industry has risen from the pursuit of light efficiency, energy saving and the cost to the demand for light quality and light health. In particular, in recent years, the problem of retinal damage to the human eye are caused by LED Lightings, and it has become increasingly apparent, making the LED industry realize that the importance of health lighting . When assessing the impact of LED light sources on the human eye, it is inevitable to [...]

605, 2012

Differences between 220V LED Strip and 12V LED Strip

By |May 6, 2012|Base Knowledge|

Safety Difference The High voltage LED Strip work as 110V-220V, It is dangerous Voltage, and there are potential safety hazards in some risky applications; on the contrary, Low-voltage LED light strips work as DC 12V/24v working voltage, which is a safe voltage and can be applied to various. This kind of occasion will not cause any danger to the human body;       2. Installation Difference The 220V LED Strip light installation is relatively simple. It can be driven by a high-voltage driver directly. Generally, [...]

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