2303, 2021

13 big advantages of led neon light

13 big advantages of our led neon light Our advantages: 1. Food grade silicone Material Eco-Friendly. meet Europe Country High Standard; 2.  High Temperature Resistance Temperature-resistant -60°C--200°C, it will not get hard or soft after test. click here to see video 3. Weak acids Resistance, it is more suitable for harsh working environments for your projects. 4. Better Heat Dissipation Silicone has a certain thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation, good for led working life; 5. UV Resistance

1803, 2021

7 Ways to Show you the difference of our LED Rope lights

Why choose our 220v/110v LED Rope lights LED Quality Difference Sunro outdoor LED Rope lights unitilize good quality led, gold wire package; high brightness, low light decay, color consitency, long working life; FPC Quality Difference Sunro 220v LED Rope lights unitilize thicker FPC thick cooper materials; good for heat dissipation, and last strip working life; PVC Quality Difference We focus on Friendly

1211, 2020

3 Factors to influence Dot Spot

While you use led strip in led aluminum profile, you might experience that strip have some dot spot. Now we would like to tell you why your strip profile will have dot spot  PC Cover transimittance Higher transmittance the cover has, more clearly light spot you can see 2.  Distance between LEDs and PC Cover Higher profile are, Less light spot it has! 2.  Distance

1205, 2020

How to cut 220v led strip

Cutting method and precautions of 220v led strip Cutting method: The 220v LED strip is cut in one meter. If you need to cut it, please cut it accurately according to the position shown in the figure. The cut light strip needs to be equipped with a light strip plug. Each light strip plug can drive a light strip of 1m

1204, 2018

The Comparision among Waterproof LED Strips

10 reasons why you chooose Nanometer waterproof led strip Charaters Nanometer waterproof led strip Traditional Silicone glue waterproof Brightness  Decreasing 2%-5% after waterproof Decreasing 15% after waterproof Color Consistency Uniform thickness, ensuring uniform color temperature. Increasing wide range, uncontrollable Ductile strength increased bending strength,and it withstand a certain degree of friction, twist and bent There is a low tenacity to cause

2806, 2017

LED Strip IP Rated

 IP Ratings IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings  IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings First Number - Protection against solid objects. IP   -   Meaning 0    -   No protection 1    -   Protected against solid objects up to 50mm i.e. accidental touch by hands 2    -   Protected against solid objects up to 12mm i.e. 'fingerproof' 3    -   Protected against solid objects over 2.5mm (tools & wires) 4    -   Protected against solid

2402, 2017

7 big advantages of Nanometer led strip

In traditional waterproof led strips, we notice the Epoxy resin led strip / silicone tube strip will has followings problems, such as color temperature drift, heavy weight, heat dissipation problem, NO UV resistance..etc. however, the Nanometer structure waterproof technology has same waterproof rated IP65 and it almost solve the above problem. the technology could be used for any types of flexible led strips it has

1909, 2016

Top 5 Reason why you choose 2216 LED Strip

2216 LED Strip is Currently New led strip innovation. Now we share our knowledge with you and tell us why you should use 2216 strip for your project more. 1. 2216 LED Small Size and lower cost; A. Small size and thinner; wide viewing angle, B. The light efficiency is similar as 2835; C. production efficiency is higher than big size, it save big low

1507, 2016

5 Ways to judge LED Quality

It is well know that LED is the cord of led lighting. its quality place much important to led lighting lifespan. Then we introduce 5 ways to judge the LED Quality 1. LED Brightness Under  same 350mA current and DC3.0-3.5V situation, Higher brightness it has, better quality it is 2. LED Chip brand and Size LED Brand has NICHIA,CREE,BRIDGE,EPISAR, GENESIS. Most famous brand it use,

3005, 2016

LED Strip CRI and Lumen

One of our customer required us to customized CRI>90 Strips. while he receive the samples, he compare our CRI>80 Strip with CRI>90 strip, then he change his mind to choose CRI>80 strip. So what is relasthip between CRI and Lumen?  Will CRI>90 be more suitable for led strip application? Now we are sharing our led strip base knowledge with you. Color rendering index (CRI), is